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Run for each text character typed in the frame.
Run for each text character typed in the frame. This script is run for each character produced, not necessarily each key pressed. For example, on Windows computers, holding ALT while typing 233 on the number pad will enter the character "é"; the OnChar script is run with "é" as the second argument. Note that WoW uses the Unicode (UTF-8) encoding, so a string containing a single visible character may have a length greater than 1.

If a block of text is inserted into a frame (e.g. when inserting a hyperlink), the script is run once with the entire text as the second argument. Only run for EditBoxes or frames for which keyboard input is enabled.

OnChar(self, "text")

  • self - Reference to the widget for which the script was run (frame)
  • text - The text entered (string)

Доступна для: Frame, ArchaeologyDigSiteFrame, Button, ColorSelect, Cooldown, EditBox, GameTooltip, MessageFrame, Minimap, Model, MovieFrame, QuestPOIFrame, ScrollFrame, ScrollingMessageFrame, SimpleHTML, Slider, StatusBar, CheckButton, PlayerModel, DressUpModel, TabardModel

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