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Связанные с аддонами

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Название Описание
ArchaeologyGetIconInfo Функция еще не задокументированна.
SendAddonMessage Sends a chat-like message receivable by other addons.
ResetDisabledAddOns Reverts changes to the enabled/disabled state of addons.
RegisterAddonMessagePrefix Registers to receive addon messages with a given prefix.
LoadAddOn Loads a LoadOnDemand-capable addon.
IsAddonMessagePrefixRegistered Returns whether or not the client has registered to receive messages with a given addon prefix.
IsAddOnLoaded Returns whether an addon is currently loaded.
IsAddOnLoadOnDemand Returns whether an addon can be loaded without restarting the UI.
InterfaceOptions_AddCategory Registers a panel to be displayed in the Interface Options window.
InterfaceOptionsFrame_OpenToCategory Opens the Interface Options window and displays a given panel within it.
GetRegisteredAddonMessagePrefixes Returns a table containing all addon message prefixes that have been registered.
GetNumAddOns Returns the number of addons in the addon listing.
GetAddOnMetadata Returns the value of certain fields in an addon's TOC file.
GetAddOnInfo Returns information about an addon.
GetAddOnDependencies Returns a list of addons a given addon is dependent upon.
EnableAllAddOns Marks all addons as enabled.
EnableAddOn Marks an addon as enabled.
DisableAllAddOns Marks all addons as disabled.
DisableAddOn Marks an addon as disabled.