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Полезные (Utility)

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Название Описание
wipe Removes all entries from a table.
strtrim Trims leading and trailing characters (whitespace by default) from a string.
strsplit Splits a string based on another seperator string.
strlenutf8 Returns the length of a string, taking UTF-8 multi-byte characters into account.
strjoin Joins a list of strings together with a given separator.
strconcat Joins a list of strings (with no separator)
setglobal Sets a global variable to a specified value.
scrub Replaces non-simple values in a list with nil.
getglobal Returns the value of a global variable.
debuglocals Returns information about the local variables at a given stack depth.
SetPortraitToTexture Sets a Texture object to display an arbitrary texture, altering it to fit a circular frame.
SecondsToTime Returns a description of an amount of time in appropriate units.
RunScript Runs a string as a Lua script.
RequestTimePlayed Requests information from the server about the player character's total time spent online.
RegisterForSavePerCharacter Enables a global variable for automatic saving (on a per-character basis) upon logout & UI reload.
RegisterForSave Enables a global variable for automatic saving upon logout & UI reload.
IsMouseButtonDown Returns whether a given mouse button is held down.
IsLoggedIn Returns whether the login process has completed.
GetTime Returns a number representing the current time (with millisecond precision)
GetText Returns a localized string according to given parameters.
GetNumFrames Returns the number of existing Frame objects (and derivatives)
GetMouseFocus Returns the frame that is currently under the mouse, and has mouse input enabled.
GetMouseButtonName Returns the name for a mouse button specified by number.
GetMouseButtonClicked Returns which mouse button triggered the current script.
GetMirrorTimerProgress Returns a high-resolution value for a special countdown timer.
GetMirrorTimerInfo Returns information about special countdown timers.
GetFramesRegisteredForEvent Returns all frames registered for a given event.
GetClickFrame Returns the Frame object associated with the given name.
GetAutoCompleteResults Returns a list of character names which complete a given partial name prefix.
EnumerateFrames Returns the next frame following the frame passed, or nil if no more frames exist.
CreateFrame Creates a new Frame object.
CreateFont Creates a new Font object.
GetMouseFocus Returns the frame that is currently under the mouse, and has mouse input enabled.