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SetLFGRoles Sets group roles for which to advertise the player in the LFG system.
SetLFGDungeon Sets a flag indicating that the player would like to join a given dungeon/queue.
SetLFGComment Associates a brief text comment with the player's listing in the LFG system.
RequestLFDPlayerLockInfo Requests instance lockout and Call to Arms dungeon reward information.
RejectProposal Rejects a LFG dungeon invite.
LeaveLFG Leave the LFG queue.
JoinLFG Joins the player to the LFG system.
GetRandomDungeonBestChoice Returns the dungeonID of the random dungeon group that provides the best loot for the player.
GetLFGTypes Returns a list of LFG query types.
GetLFGRoles Returns the group roles for which the player has signed up in the LFG system.
GetLFGQueueStats Returns information about a LFD queue when you are in the queue.
GetLFGMode Provides information about the LFG status of the player.
GetLFGDungeonInfo Retrieves specific LFD information, not limited by player level and all dungeons can be looked up.
GetLFGCompletionReward Returns the various rewards for a completed LFG dungeon.
ClearAllLFGDungeons Removes the player from all LFD queues.
AcceptProposal Accepts a LFG dungeon invite.