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Название Описание
ReportSuggestion This function is deprecated and should no longer be used.
ReportBug This function is deprecated and should no longer be used.
tostringall Alternative to `tostring()` for bulk conversion of values.
setprinthandler Sets a new function to be used for `print()` output.
seterrorhandler Changes the error handler to a specified function.
print Outputs a list of values (in the main chat window by default)
getprinthandler Returns the function currently used for `print()` output.
geterrorhandler Returns the current error handler function.
debugstack Returns information about the current function call stack.
debugprofilestop Returns the value of the profiling timer.
debugprofilestart Starts/resets the high resolution profiling timer.
UpdateAddOnMemoryUsage Updates addon memory usage information.
UpdateAddOnCPUUsage Updates addon CPU profiling information.
ResetCPUUsage Resets CPU usage statistics.
GetScriptCPUUsage Returns the total CPU time used by the scripting system.
GetFunctionCPUUsage Returns information about CPU usage by a function.
GetFrameCPUUsage Returns information about CPU usage by a frame's script handlers.
GetEventCPUUsage Returns information about the CPU usage of an event.
GetAddOnMemoryUsage Returns the amount of memory used by an addon.
GetAddOnCPUUsage Returns the amount of CPU time used by an addon.
FrameXML_Debug Enables or disables logging of XML loading.