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Название Описание
ZoomOut Sets the world map to show the area containing its current area.
UpdateMapHighlight Returns information about the texture used for highlighting zones in a continent map on mouseover.
SetMapZoom Sets the world map to show a specific zone or continent.
SetMapToCurrentZone Sets the world map to show the zone in which the player is located.
SetMapByID Sets the map based on a specified ID.
SetDungeonMapLevel Sets the world map to display a certain map image (for zones that use multiple map images)
ProcessMapClick Possibly changes the WorldMap based on a mouse click.
InitWorldMapPing Initializes the frame used to display the character location "ping" on the World Map.
GetPlayerMapPosition Returns the position of a unit in the player's party or raid on the world map.
GetNumMapOverlays Returns the number of overlays for the current world map zone.
GetNumMapLandmarks Returns the number of landmarks on the world map.
GetNumDungeonMapLevels Returns the number of map images for the world map's current zone.
GetMapZones Returns the map zones for a given continent.
GetMapOverlayInfo Returns information about a world map overlay.
GetMapNameByID Returns the localized name of a given map.
GetMapLandmarkInfo Returns information about a map landmark.
GetMapInfo Returns information about the current world map texture.
GetMapContinents Returns a list of map continents names.
GetDeathReleasePosition Returns the location of the graveyard where the player's spirit will appear upon release.
GetCurrentMapZone Returns the current world map zone.
GetCurrentMapDungeonLevel Returns which map image is currently selected on the world map (for zones which use more than one map image)
GetCurrentMapContinent Returns the current world map continent.
GetCurrentMapAreaID Returns an ID number for the current map zone.
GetCorpseMapPosition Returns the position of the player's corpse on the world map.
ClickLandmark Processes a hyperlink associated with a map landmark.