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Название Описание
GetGuildInfo Returns a unit's guild affiliation.
ExpandGuildTradeSkillHeader Expands the corresponding profession in the guild window.
TurnInGuildCharter Turns in a completed guild charter.
GetGuildCharterCost Returns the cost to purchase a guild charter.
BuyGuildCharter Purchases a guild charter.
TurnInGuildCharter Turns in a completed guild charter.
SortGuildRoster Sorts the guild roster.
SetGuildRosterShowOffline Enables or disables inclusion of offline members in the guild roster listing.
SetGuildRosterSelection Selects a member in the guild roster.
SetGuildMemberRank Promotes/demotes a given guild member to the specified rank.
SetGuildInfoText Sets the guild information text.
QueryGuildXP Queries the server to update the guild experience information.
QueryGuildEventLog Requests guild event log information from the server.
IsInGuild Returns whether the player is in a guild.
IsGuildLeader Returns whether or player is leader of his or her guild.
GuildUninvite Removes a character from the player's guild.
GuildSetMOTD Sets the guild Message of the Day.
GuildSetLeader Promotes a member to guild leader.
GuildRosterSetPublicNote Sets the public note for a guild member.
GuildRosterSetOfficerNote Sets the officer note for a guild member.
GuildRoster Requests guild roster information from the server.
GuildPromote Increases a guild member's rank by one.
GuildLeave Leaves the player's current guild.
GuildInvite Invites a character to join the player's guild.
GuildInfo Requests guild information from the server.
GuildDisband Disbands the player's guild.
GuildDemote Reduces a guild member's rank by one.
GuildControlSetRankFlag Enables or disables a privilege for the guild rank being edited.
GuildControlSetRank Chooses a guild rank to edit.
GuildControlSaveRank Saves changes to the guild rank being edited.
GuildControlGetRankName Returns the name of a guild rank.
GuildControlGetRankFlags Returns the list of privileges for the guild rank being edited.
GuildControlGetNumRanks Returns the number of ranks in the guild.
GuildControlDelRank Deletes a guild rank.
GuildControlAddRank Adds a new rank to the player's guild.
GetTabardInfo This function is deprecated and should no longer be used.
GetTabardCreationCost Returns the cost to create a guild tabard.
GetNumGuildRewards Return the total amount of guild rewards (including unavailable ones)
GetNumGuildPerks Returns the total amount of guild perks (including unavailable ones)
GetNumGuildNews Returns the total amount of guild news (filtered)
GetNumGuildMembers Returns the number of members in the guild roster.
GetNumGuildEvents Returns the number of entries in the guild event log.
GetGuildTabardFileNames Returns the textures that comprise the player's guild tabard.
GetGuildRosterShowOffline Returns whether the guild roster lists offline members.
GetGuildRosterSelection Returns the index of the selected member in the guild roster.
GetGuildRosterMOTD Returns the Message of the Day for the player's guild.
GetGuildRosterLastOnline Returns the amount of time since a guild member was last online.
GetGuildRosterLargestContribution Return the weekly and total largest contibution.
GetGuildRosterInfo Returns information about the selected player in your guild roster.
GetGuildRosterContribution Returns weekly and total guild exp of a player.

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